Travel Day: From Appleton to Anchorage

Today was a long day.  It started around 5.30 AM central time, as Kelly, Josh and Jared awoke to get ready for their flight to Anchorage.

Arriving at the Appleton, Wisconsin airport at 6.30AM, they soon boarded their United flight to Chicago, Illinois.  Luckily, Ashley was also flying out of Appleton at the same time, so Jared got to say his goodbyes to her in person at the airport (and thank her again for being so awesome to let him go on the trip...especially when she's pregnant!--thanks baby!).

A quick flight from Appleton to Chicago preceded a 2 hour layover, and then a long, 6+ hour flight to Anchorage.  The flight to anchorage was long, and we were pretty tired.  We used this time to fool around with some electronic equipment, read up on some potential stops for the first couple of days, and just relax.  (of note, the new Chronicles of Narnia was shown on the flight.  it's "OK" but not as good as the first one.  I'd say the re-runs of the Office were way more entertaining, but that's just me -Jared).

Once in Anchorage we waited for our checked baggage to show up.  And then we waited some more....and kept waiting....and waited a bit longer...and then FINALLY Jared's bag showed up.  It really was looking like the bag was lost, which would have been pretty funny, but it was the absolute last bag placed on the carousel.

Now, I shouldn't say anything about this, but Kelly and Josh had a bit too much fun with this for it not to be mentioned.  When  we were packing up in Appleton, Jared needed a bag to put a few things in as a carry-on for the flight.  Nothing major...just an iPod, camera, a few magazines, and a couple of other things.  Well, since there isn't a lot of room on the bikes, Jared searched around for a bag that wouldn't need to come back (i.e. that he could throw away when he got to Anchorage).  Needless to say, a certain "purple" bag was found, and fit the bill perfectly.  Perhaps a picture of the "purple" bag will surface, but I'm for sure as hell not going to post it when I'm updating the site.  I guess Kelly or Josh will have to figure that one out.  But they kept going on and on about carrying around the purple bag.  At one point, I told Kelly that if he didn't cool it, I'd just have to start holding his hand while walking though the airport with the purple bag on my shoulder.  I thought that might shut him up....but it didn't. 

Anyway, so we get to Anchorage and then head on over to the bikes.  They were shipped here in almost mint condition.  Somehow Kelly's bike got scratched up due to a crating problem, and the trike crate pretty much made it through the trip, but did have a couple of holes in it.  But, if a couple of scratches from crating the bikes is the worst thing we run into, we're doing pretty good so far!

Anyone want to guess how long it took us riding in Alaska before we got lost for the first time?  If you guessed about 5 mintues you'd be correct.  After we got some gas, Kelly and Jared left the navigation duties to Josh and his GPS.  Apparently Josh and his GPS were having some fun on the airplane (it's pretty cool that you can follow your flight on a GPS), which didn't leave a whole lot of battery power for the bikes.  So we went around a 2 block circle 3 times, and then stopped in a parking lot to figure out what was going on.  After about 15 mintues, we finally figured out where we needed to go, and found our way to the luxurious Extended Stay Deluxe in Anchorage.

The hotel's actually pretty decent.  The lady at the desk recommended the Moose Tooth pizzeria (right across the street) for dinner.  Honestly, it was great.  Good pizza, and the place is a brew-pub to boot!  If you're ever up in Anchorage, I highly recommend it (as well as the BBQ chicken pizza....perfect blend of BBQ and spicy!).

And that about wraps up the travel day.  Not a whole lot going on here.  We spent the rest of the day re-packing our gear, testin out the electronics, running to Wal-Mart for some toiletries, and getting some ice cream from McDonalds....I know what you're thinking:  hard core bikers!  But, hey, that's how we roll!

Tomorrow's the first day of riding, and we're planning on traveling to Denali national park.  Should be interesting, and we'll keep you posted!

Wow, you really are hard core Harley men! :) Keep the blogs and the pictures coming. (Though no more of me in the airport at 6:45am--YIKES!) I'm going to send the link out to some other people, so that they can keep up. :) Hope you are having fun and being safe. Stay out of the way of Bears! Drink some alaskan beer for me. :) 




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