Day 8: Dawson Creek to Jasper (Alberta)

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Today was a good driving day.  Unfortunately, there's not a whole lot to say about it...

We headed out from Dawson Creek for Jasper at our normal 10.30-11AM time.  The roads were in excellent condition with few potholes, bumps, or other obstructions.  I don't think we ran into any construction, or if we did it was very unmemorable, which is always a good thing.

As far as highlights go...the weather was pretty warm.  Jared thought it would be a good idea to run without gloves for a while today.  Although it provided some nice air conditioning while riding, after about half-an-hour of sans-glove riding, a truck kicked up a 3-inch rock (3-inches?? not sure it was quite that big - he still has a thumb - Josh) that nailed Jared's left thumb.  It hurt.  It hurt a lot.  And gloves were put back on promptly.

Pictures from today are pretty scarce. It was hard to pass up the great riding conditions (long straight aways, gentle curves, gradual grades, warm weather, no rain) to stop and take pictures, but we did manage to stop at a bridge and take some pictures of us on a cliff overlooking the Athabasca River and a couple of mountains.

We arrived in Jasper National Park later in the afternoon, which is a very beautiful and scenic place.  We decided to forgo pictures on the way in due to poor lighting conditions and a lack of good pull-off places to take them.  We're planning on exploring the park more tomorrow on our way to Banff, so stay tuned for lots of pictures (to make up for the scant selection from the past couple of days).

The town of Jasper is a sweet little place.  It has an old-Eurpean / ski-town feel with an eclectic city centre and hotels.  We had to scramble a bit to get a hotel, but managed to score a couple of rooms at the Astoria Inn.  All they had left were 2-twin rooms, so we made Kelly sleep on the bathroom floor (actually, we had to get 2 of the rooms since that was all that was left in town!).  The hotel has free internet (score), plus cable TV and air-conditioning.  It's amazing how few places we've stayed at have had these three features together (so what if we're city boys).

We ate dinner at the Downstream Pub.  Great place to pick up some pub food and a drink or two if you're in town.

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