Day 5: Whitehorse to Watson Lake (Yukon)

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A very good day. 

We were up late last night cleaning the bikes and getting the website current with the text and uploading all the pictures so we didn't get a very early start. We did get the first six out of 10 layers of mud off the bikes.

Our room was pretty hot and I called the lady at the front desk to find out how to adjust the air conditioner.  She told me to open the window and move the fan in front of it so it pulled the air from outside into the room.  Sure enough, after a while, it worked.

My trusted Sony digital camera that I got at one of the GT partner meetings stopped working.  I don't think it was engineered to be mounted on the handlebar of a bike going 65-70 miles an hour.  However we still believe this is a good idea and went to Wall Mart to see if we could find one with the features Mark mentioned in his comments.  We purchased a (pink) Kodak AF.  We used it today for several of the pictures in today's list--those with Jared and Josh on their bikes.  It really worked well at this point.

I ran into a guy this morning from Macon Georgia--not too far from Statesboro.  He was a pecan farmer with an orchard of about 500 trees.  He was in Whitehorse to go sheep hunting.  Small world.

We left Whitehorse around 11:15 am.  The weather was clear and a little warmer than yesterday.  However our record to date for this trip is that we have not been able to ride more than 100 miles without running into some rain.  Our record is still in tact, however, the rain was near as extensive as yesterday and the roads were in good shape.

From Whitehorse, we rode along the shores of Tagish lake for about 15 miles.  The road was right along the lake bank, had enough curves to be fun but not much that slowed you down and was in the middle of two ranges that really made for outstanding scenery.

Leaving Tagish, we encounter another series of showers.  It's amazing how it would be clear until you topped one of the ranges and there would be ominous looking clouds over the hill.

We then rode along Teslin Lake for about 30 miles under conditions similar to those at Tagish. Ideal riding conditions.

The bikes are running great and are handling great. No soreness or uncomfortableness has set in yet.  The jackets we are wearing have a built in "kidney belt" which is similar to a weight lifter's belt.  This provides support to the your midsection and absorbs some of the vibration of the bike.  I believe this has made this trip much more comfortable than earlier ones.

Our route briefly dipped down into British Columbia from the Yukon prior to reaching Watson Lake.  We stopped for a few pictures at the border.

We made it to Watson lake around 6:00pm.  We decided to end our riding day here. Watson Lake bills itself as the Gateway to the Yukon.  It is the first city you reach in the Yukon when traveling north on the Alaska highway. The best know attraction is the Sign Post Forest. The forest was started in 1942 by a homesick US Army Gi Carl K Lindley of Danville Ill. It probably has 20,000 signs and has been immitated in numerous other locations around the world.

We stayed at the Belvedere Motor Hotel in Watson Lake.  It's adequate, but a little rough.  Not a place Cindy would like. 

What a great trip.  Sitting outside writing this in 90 degree heat makes the snow in your pictures look very appealing right now.  Take care and be safe.



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