Day 2: Denali to Fairbanks (Alaska)

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Today started fairly early.  Josh and Kelly scheduled a Helicopter tour of Denali State Park that included landing on a Glacier.   We worked hard at getting Jared to go, but he was firm with his uncomfortableness in small planes.

The tour was sponsored by ERA.  We were picked up at the Crow's nest.  There were three Helicopters making the tour scheduled for two hour intervals.  The Helicopters were all very recent models and appeared to be very well maintained.  Each helicopter had six passengers.  They weigh each passenger, and based on the weight, they decide who is seated where.  Josh got the premium seat right next to the Pilot.

The pilot had been flying for 15 years.  He learned to fly in the Army and spent a tour in Iraq. We really liked the way he handled the machine. The flight is about 30 minutes over the Alaska Range to the glacier.  The landing was on a field of ice.  We walked around for about 15 minutes, taking some pictures.  The pilot pointed out the melting of the various glaciers.  Apparently it takes the tundra about 100 years to grow after the glacier has melted.  You could see the lines on the rocks about 100 feet where the glacier was 100 years ago.

The flight was really awesome.  I haven't been on a flight like this before.  It reminded me of some of the movies you see where the put a camera on the front of a helicopter any you rise over a mountain and see the steep drop on the other side.  Better than any roller coaster ride.

 After the Helicopter ride we loaded up rode the 15 miles that we were allowed into Denali National Park.  To go further into the park, you must be a part of an organized group.

We the  headed up the Parks highway to Fairbanks.  This was a great ride--good weather, good road and generally very little traffic. 

Kelly began experimenting with his digital camera mounted on the handlebar of his motorcycle.  He got a few pictures, but  still needs to experiement with this, or get a better camera.

We arrived in Fairbanks fairly early (around 5pm), had lunch/dinner at Pikes Fish Camp and debated more riding.  However, there were thunder clouds in the area so we camped out at the local Marriott to get ready for the rougher sections of the trip over the next five days. 


Where oh where is my hubby--he hasn't called me in two days?.... :(



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