Day 15: Sault Ste Marie to Appleton (Wisconsin)

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After yesterday, we got a late start on the last day of our trip. It can be difficult getting Josh and Jared up under normal conditions and particularly so when the previous day was so difficult.

Our hotel was only a couple of miles from the USA border and we spent a good bit of time  getting through customs-the line was long and it moved slowly.

While the weather was bad the previous day along the northern shore of lake Superior, it was excellent along the northern shore of Lake Michigan.  The road runs along the lake side for long stretches.  The riding was fun. We are still waterlogged from yesterday, but the sun is warm and things are beginning to dry out and return to normal.

We made it to Appleton around 6PM and have concluded the Trip. 

Josh and Jared are on their way home to their familes.  

More to come from each of us as we reflect on this 


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