Day 14: Thunder Bay to Sault Ste Marie (Ontario)

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Mother nature had her way with us today.

The best laid plans have to be flexible enough to deal with obstacle you can't control.  Apparently, the remnants of hurricane Fay reached the great lakes/southern Ontario area yesterday.  As we were leaving Thunder Bay, it began to rain.  It rained constantly for about 400 of the 430 miles to Sault St Marie. At times the rain was so hard you could barely see the the ground in front of you.  At other times, the fog was as thick as soup.  We considered stopping and waiting it out. Each time we would have to ride to the next town (usually 60-80 miles) for a place to stay. By the time we got there the rain would have slacked some and the fog lifted and we would continue. After a few miles, the intensity would increase and the cycle would repeat. Most everything got soaked.

We did see some of the potential beauty of this drive with an occasional peak through the clouds.  Much of the road runs right along the bed of the lake and we will need to eventually return to experience this again.

South Carolina had it's opening game last night and Jared's target was for us to be in the room by kickoff---8pm.  We made it by 8:10pm,  but the game was not showing on the Canadian Sports Network, so he had to settle for listening on XM radio.  The win was a nice ending to an  otherwise trying day.

Very few pictures.  We are headed  back to the US and Appleton today.  Weather permitting, we have some time to add to our picture portfolio.

(Side note by Jared:  It appears that we have tracked down a design flaw in our great Harley Davidson FXRG all-weather suits.  Up until today we have praised these suits for keeping us warm and dry through the terrible weather.  However, it appears that the FXRG was no match for the remnants of Tropical Storm Fay.  After being soaked by steady rains for over an hour, the rain located a vulnerability in the water-proofing of the FXRG located near the zipper of the pants.  Apparently there is a small gap where water can seep in between the zipper and the liner of the crotch.  The result: Kelly and Jared ended up looking like Charter Members of the Billy Madison Cool People Club - Ontario.  Anyone looking to buy this suit should beware: it handles great in mild rain or short bursts of downpours, but not very well in constant downpour.  You might want to find additional waterproof protection in this circumstance...or just get out of the rain like a normal person.)


Hey guys! You are being missed in the US of A! I can't promise any better weather here, but you won't have to wear the sexy weatherproof suits, ride a motorcycle, eat fast food or sleep on the couch or a cot (well, pending your behavior). :)  However, I will request that Kelly continue to carry his pink camera with him to progress his budding photography career.

I am so glad that you got to have this wonderful experience together and so thankful that you shared a lot of it with us. The website is awesome and I think that you make great writers. :) Drive safely and fly safely home. Jared-I cannot wait to see you and show you the belly progress--"little jones" is getting big. You'll hardly recognize her (and maybe me with this new haircut!).

Lots of love!!!!



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