Day 13: Winnipeg to Thunder Bay (Ontario)

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A repeat of yesterday as it relates to terrain and photos:

The  trip from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay  was long.  We again exceeded our daily mileage (473) and the hours on the road (11). 

The terrain continued to evolve from agricultural to forest and from flat to more rolling.  We were interrupted several times for contruction--in one case in the middle of the small town of Kenora where we had stopped for gas. They had dug up the center of town to rearrange facilities that would accomodate more visitors, and we were trapped for a good hour as the heavy traffic wound it's way through the small town.

We crossed the border into Ontario early in the day as we continued on the the trans- Alaska highway.  This is a good road, but it has only two lanes without many opportunities to pass.  It is surprising that a major highway  connecting important sections of a country as developed as Canada is still only two lanes.  The commercial traffic was pretty heavy and, in our country, this would clearly be a major thoroughfare justifying either four lanes or interstate status.

Thunder Bay is on the shores of Lake Superior and is a major shipping hub for the agricultural products grown on the Canadian Prairies to the rest of the worldThe trip today was exhausting. 

As you can see we took very few photo's primarily because we didn't see anything particularly unique to justify spending much of the precious time we have left on the trip for a photo. I am enjoying taking photos from the digital camer mounted on the handlebars of my motorcycle.  Some turn out pretty good.

We are eagerly anticipating the trip tomorrow around the north shore of Lake Superior ending at Sault (Soo) Ste. Marie.   Lake Superior is the least polluted and most westerly of the Great Lakes, and the world's largest body of fresh water.  We are planning an early departure with time to add to our photo file.



This trip is absolutely amazing. It's really cool that the three of you make time to do this each year.   Thanks for sharing the trip and the pics with us.  Jared, you'll have to show me how you put some of this together.  Great job with the site!

- Scott

What an awesome experience you Jones guys are having!   Have especially enjoyed the commentary, the phenomenal pix, and the thought that you all followed through on such a great vison.  Even the pink camera seems to be working for you! 

Thanks for the link! 

(A side bar for Kelly:  Sure beats riding the yellow school bus, huh?)

Be safe and enjoy - a "once in a lifetime" trip!


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