Day 11: Calgary to Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)

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Today was all about driving.

We awoke in Calgary after a brief night of losing a few bucks at the Casino to drive to Bow Cycles and pick up a new Chatterbox for our broken unit.  We can't say that the new unit works better than the other, as Kelly had it plugged in improperly today so it still didn't work.  Perhaps better luck tomorrow.

Leaving the bike store, we headed out across the praries of Canada for Saskatoon.  The scenery for the day was mostly farmland.  Kelly was impressed at the immense size of the farms, where they apparently average thousands of acres, and are rarely corporate owned.

No crazy adventures today, or terribly interesting stories.  Josh's GPS led us down some unusual roads today.  Several of them weren't paved.  Reminded us of Alaska (not necessarily a good thing).

One thing of note is that the weather today was considerably warmer.  The days of wearing the full-out Harley space suit may be coming to an end.  And another change was the insane amount of bugs we ran into (literally) driving across the countryside.  The bikes and our clothes resemble a bug killing field, and we're pretty sure that the yellow-jackets following us around later in the day were trying to seek revenge for their fallen brothers.

Again, we find ourselves roughing it tonight.  I'm writing this from the cozy Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon.  Josh had hoped that we would stay some 20 miles past Saskatoon tonight, but the only place we found offered single rooms for $35, and it took Kelly all of 20 seconds to walk in and walk out saying that we were heading back to Saskatoon.  Must have been pretty bad.

Tomorrow is set to be another long day.  The bell-hop mentioned that drive to Winnepeg is an 8 hour affair.  That means it'll probably take us close to 10-11 via bike.  Pictures might be scarce tomorrow as well, but we'll try to make up for it when we hit the great lakes.

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