Day 10: Canmore to Calgary (Alberta)

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Today we took a little break from the road and spent the day fishing on the Bow River just outside of Canmore.  We hired Jeff Perodeau, a guide from Banff Fishing Unlimited, to take us down the river and show us how to fly fish.  The day started early (for us), as Jeff picked us up around 9:00am.  Our first stop was Wapiti Sports to get our fishing licences, and then we headed off to the river. 

Jeff started us off with spinners one the side of the river while he put the boat in and, as quickly as we started, Jared hung his on the bottom and had to snap the line to free it (little did we know that this foreshadowed a common occurrence for the remainder of the day).  After tossing a few, we coasted down the river for awhile until Jeff stopped and let us cast a few more while he rigged the fly rods.  Jared and Kelly spent a lot of time hung in both the rocks and the trees, so we weren't able to actually start using the fly rods for a while, as poor Jeff kept having to either untangle or re-set their rods.  However, Jared was the beneficiary of the first fish of the day (actually, Jeff hung it and Jared pulled it in), and we thought that might bode well for the rest of the day.  

However, unlucky for us, the wind picked up and apparently, that isn't great for fly fishing.  For one, wind makes a mess of the water so the fish tend not to rise to the surface to feed off insects.  In addition, wind makes it incredibly difficult to cast a fly.  However, Jeff found a nice spot (away from the trees!) and spent time teaching each of us the proper technique.  In no time everyone had caught a couple of brown trout, with Jared having the best luck.  Unfortunately, they weren't but about 6-8 inches long - but it was fun nonetheless.    

After this stop, we didn't really have much luck the rest of the day until the last 20 minutes of the trip.  We were basically killing time on the way to the landing site - casting spinners and trolling on the bottom of the river - when Josh hung a nice size brown trout.  It was the size of fish we had expected to catch for most of the day (and with fly rods no less), but it wasn't meant to be.  Even still, it was a great day and Jeff was a great guide.

After fishing, we rode about 70 miles to the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary. We have to head out to buy a new Chatterbox tomorrow morning, so we are planning to get out early, as we need to start making better time for the remainder of the week if we ever plan on making it back. 



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