Alaska and Canada Adventure 2008

It began as an idea back in 2003. 

After Kelly and Josh returned from their motorcycle trip across country, they honed in on their next target: Alaska.  They knew it would be a challenging trip to plan, but also very rewarding if they could pull it off.

So they planned for a year, and picked up Jared as a trike-riding companion, but the Alaska trip had to be postponed due to the arrival of Josh's second little one.

Now, 5 years after the trip was first conceived, Kelly, Josh and Jared are about to embark on an adventure like no other.  The three will depart from Anchorage, Alaska in hopes of making back to the states 15 days later after meandering through Canada for a while.

This trip includes a fishing excursion, a ride down the Alaskan Highway, many mountains to cross, and the threat of running into bears.

Now, you can follow along with their trip guide and blog as they make their way through the great North.  Their progress will be updated as allowed by internet connection at hotels along the way...including updating pictures as the trip progresses.

So stay tuned for this great adventure.  And register if you'd like to post comments or leave messages for Kelly, Josh, and/or Jared throughout their journey.

- Hawg


Hey You Guys,

I have missed you so much.  Loved the blog and pictures.  Kelly, I think you might have a new job writing travelling reviews.  Can't wait to hear all of the stories and the roar of the bikes coming into GRAM'S garage in Appleton.   I have already warned the neighbors not to call the police.  Please be safe on this last leg of your adventure, and if it takes an extra day, that is okay. 

Am counting, the hours, minutes,and seconds until I see all of you.  Hey Kelly, out of the 3 of you, you look like the "nutty professor" with your beard.  Sorry honey--but you did tell me once after I was exercising that I looked "sturdy". 

I Love You,


The pictures are great. Have fun and be safe!

Bill & Mary Jo

 It has been so much fun to read the blogs and view the amazing photographs y'all have taken!  I feel like we at home can get a small glimpse of the day to day travel and experience a bit of the adventure you guys are having.  Continue to be safe and see you when you get back.  Gail

Hello Jones boys. Those are some of the most amazing pictures yet. The shot of Josh on the bike is fantastic. The scene looks almost unreal. Looks like you guys are having an incredible trip. Thanks for all the blog entries, we're really enjoying them. You guys take care. Love, Jamie


Thanks for the link to the Blog.  This is an excellent way to stay up to date on your trip.  Wonderful pictures.  It looks like all of you are having fun. 


 Looks like loads of fun.

Kelly, we are in Little Rock working to pay for your retirement and motorcycle gas!

 Have fun.



Setting up this BLOG was a terrific idea.  Although a Bronx boy and a motorcycle don’t go together the pictures you’re posting are certainly making me envious of the trip.
A few suggestions if Kelly decides to get a new camera to mount on the motorcycle: (1) get one that has Image Stabilization (2) get one that can be set to Aperture Priority and set it at a very fast rate  (maybe a 1000 of a second). (3) if available on the camera set the focus to “continuous shot” and not “single shot”.  Most of the new cameras today have the first 2 of those three features (the third may not be readily available). All 3 of those features are geared to help when the target is moving.
The kids (Ally and Matthew) loved seeing Josh and Kelly on the Skype connection yesterday. 
Technology (interactive real time BLOGs ; Skype, etc)  is so advanced that a trip to Alaska/Canada can now be accomplished from the comfort of one’s home. Although I am sure nowhere near as exciting.

Stay safe,



Kelly, Josh and Jared --

Thanks for the pictures....the glacier is amazing..I'm sure the copter ride

was something to remember.  Be safe and drive carefully and keep the

pictures coming..




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